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Vicki Jane Fletcher

Vicki is a journalist, copywriter and photographer. She is a driven Taurus, obsessed with colours and dreams of one day restoring a chateau in France. She will write you a love letter if you ask.

Vicki specialises in travel and culture features, copywriting and ghostwriting. She also works as lifestyle and wedding photographer.


13 Of the Best Perks of Flying Business Class

We’ve all daydreamed about what it’s really like flying Business Class, while making that slow, step-by-step shuffle through Business Class to Economy. It teases with its luxe, spacious cabins and cushy comforts – some folk already settled in and sipping on a token ‘welcome’ of bubbling champagne, ready for their Business Class flight.

5 Reasons To Explore Beyond Christchurch

As a major gateway to the South Island, Christchurch airport has daily flights direct from all major Australian hubs. While the city is emerging as a powerhouse centre for the arts and culinary creativity, it still attracts a crowd itching to explore the great outdoors. Here are five destinations beyond the city limits worth adding to your Christchurch holiday itinerary.

Down To Business In San Francisco

The Bay Area has long been a hot bed for tech and business development, with no signs of slowing down. Yet the area is so large, it’s hard to know where to land when you’re in town on business. Here’s a roundup of where to stay, eat and play. First up you need to find out where your meetings will be located.

The Outdoor Adventure Destination Aussies Have Never Heard Of – But Will Love

Australians love the outdoors, and boy do we love an outdoor holiday destination. North America has long been a favourite for adrenaline junkies and nature-loving Aussies, from exploring Yosemite to shredding on the slopes in Colorado or British Columbia. While we pride ourselves on knowing where the good powder is and the most iconic hikes, there’s one place Aussie’s likely haven’t heard of - but should have.

Christchurch: New Zealand’s New Culture Capital?

Wellington has long been lauded as a cultural hot bed for New Zealand, renown not only for its museums and galleries, but for a food scene to rival that in Auckland. More recently though, there’s a new city on the block. Christchurch. For the past eight years Christchurch has been quietly rebuilding post two devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, reshaping itself into a city that’s surprisingly different to the one it was before.

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Air Travel

Travelling internationally can be daunting, whether it’s your first or fiftieth time. New countries have different rules to our own, and airports vary in size, procedures and ease of access. So we’ve compiled the golden rules to live by when flying abroad. On international flights you can only take 100ml of any liquid in your hand luggage.

6 Towns In the American West You’ll Wonder Why You’ve Never Heard Of

The USA is dotted with iconic cities, from New York to New Orleans, Chicago to Austin, Los Angeles to Miami. Yet the undiscovered gems you come across on a road trip between the city lights often end up the highlights at the end of the trip. In America’s Central West, Wyoming and Montana are two such states.

The Best Airlines To Travel To Asia With

Which airline should you book? It’s a much debated question. Last year when Trip Advisor users voted on the world’s best airlines for the first time, the top 10 list was dominated by Asian carriers. We judge airlines on everything from price point and comfort to service and food quality. While Emirates came out in the top Trip Adviser spot, we’ve rounded up our favourites, for reasons that really make a difference to your trip.

Women On Top: We Talk To Rocky Mountaineer’s Global Sales VP

What is it that makes a company so likeable? And how do you create that? Flight Centre Business Travel talk to Karen Hardie about marketing the perfect brand, how to tackle jet lag, and her favourite Vancouver pit stops. When Karen Hardie graduated from high school with the dream of being a drama teacher, she never dreamed that one day she would, instead of coaching young aspiring TV stars, be living halfway around the world, as Vice President of Global Sales for Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver.

A Beautiful View – Seeing Asia From Above

As creatures of habit, humans are wired to look for patterns everywhere and aerial views of landscapes create some of the most arresting. It’s the appeal of the window seat, of helicopter rides, of flying drones. The most populous continent provides a new perspective from up high. Unsurprisingly, man-made patterns are some of the most intriguing.

The Ultimate African Safari Experience

An African safari truly is a sobering experience. Coming within metres of the world’s biggest, often most dangerous animals, witnessing them in their natural, undisturbed environment, is frightening, surprising and heart-warming all at once. This is one travel experience where you’ll be able to say you were 100% in the moment, because, well let’s face it, when there’s a pride of lions, or an elephant standing in front of you, where else could you possible want to be?
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A First Timer’s Guide to a White Christmas

Usually we’re all about a BBQ on the beach and watching the kids and grandkids swim in the backyard pool at Christmas. This year however, we’re dreaming of powdery snow on the picket fence, a lodge in the mountains and European Christmas markets with mulled wine, carols and snowflakes falling gently.
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Vicki Jane Fletcher

Vicki is a journalist, copywriter and photographer. She is a driven Taurus, obsessed with colours and dreams of one day restoring a chateau in France. She will write you a love letter if you ask.

Vicki began her travel blog L'esprit de l'escalier four years ago while studying at university in Paris. After using the blog as a way of travelling around Europe and Asia, documenting her adventures for Rail Europe, Vodkatrain and Fairfax newspapers in Australia, she returned to Australia to continue her career in journalism and photography.

As a journalist she specialises in travel writing, music journalism, feature writing and blogging.

Her copy- and ghost-writing expertise includes website content, advertorials, blogging, ebooks and marketing collateral. She has worked on content for travel companies, health brands and professionals, retail brands, design studios, lawyers, real estate agencies, property developers and corporate companies as well as musicians, artists and other creatives.

Vicki's photography spans travel, architecture, interiors, lifestyle, live music, events and portraiture. She is one half of Best Day Ever Wedding Photography.

Her work has been published by Fairfax Media, Amnesty International,, Mamamia, Broadsheet, Rail Europe, Vodkatrain, Flight Centre Australia, Collective Hub Magazine, Backyard Opera Magazine, CrowdInk and YOKE Magazine. Corporate clients include Toast Creative, Sekisui House Australia, Konnect Digital, Canberra Chiropractic, Sydney Physio, King Content and Amnesty International.



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