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Vicki Jane Fletcher

Vicki is a journalist, copywriter and photographer. She is a driven Taurus, obsessed with colours and dreams of one day restoring a chateau in France. She will write you a love letter if you ask.

Vicki specialises in travel and culture features, copywriting and ghostwriting. She also works as lifestyle and wedding photographer.


A Day Aboard The Rocky Mountaineer

I’m eating a hot scone and drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee when someone yells, ‘Bear on the left!’. Immediately the delicious cinnamon crumbs on my plate - which moments before were all-consuming - become irrelevant. Everyone’s faces are smooshed against the glass-domed windows, eyes darting along the tree-line in search of the until-now elusive bear.

9 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Start A New Life In Italy

Where rolling hills blanketed in crops of barley are interrupted by villages atop rocky bluffs, it’s hard not to feel like life here would be infinitely better than at home. The coastlines of Italy are famed for crystal blue waters and colourful villages like Cinque Terre, and the white washed clifftop towns in Puglia.

8 Reasons The Rocky Mountaineer Is The World’s Best Train Ride

If there is one trip where the age old saying, ‘it’s about the journey not the destination’, rings true, it’s aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. This is no ordinary train ride. Not only does the Rocky Mountaineer travel through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, you’ll do it in comfortable, reclining seats, with massive windows, and leg room to rival Business Class on any airline.

10 Destinations That Will Challenge You To Be A Better Human

When we travel, we’re often searching for something. Whether it’s respite from the 9-5, to see something we’ve never seen before, to hear a language we’ve never heard, to meet friends we never knew we missed, or to experience cultures, places and situations that challenge us. We travel to see things, taste things, feel things.

The Best Ways To See Canada On A Budget

Canada, oh Canada! Name a country filled with more natural beauty. We’ll wait. But really, this country is home to a serious amount of pretty places, epic mountain ranges, roads worth the drive, and outdoor activities galore. And the best bit is you can enjoy pretty much all of it for next to nothing.

Why New Zealand Is The Ultimate Beginner Ski Holiday Spot

Think New Zealand ski and you probably think of Queenstown. But did you know that New Zealand actually has 25 different ski resorts? Some of NZ’s ski fields are reserved for the intermediate and advanced skiers and boardriders (Mount Cook heli skiing anyone?) , but there are plenty of options on both the North and South Islands for beginners.

How To Travel Plastic Free

Choking our oceans and creating landfill in pristine places, it’s time to look at our on-the-go plastic usage. Right now, incredibly, there are 8.35 billion tonnes of plastic on the Earth and 5.7 billion tonnes of it is waste. Seabirds that nest on islands of the coast of Australia eat more plastic as a proportion of their body mass than any other marine animal on earth.

See Where The Wild Is Winning In Yellowstone

About 10 minutes after entering the park, the car in front suddenly pulls over. We quickly follow suit, and my eyes dart around the clearing to the right. There must be something good here. A moose or a bison maybe? With my eyes trained on the scrub on the far side of the clearing I almost miss her.

6 Places To Visit With Intrepid Before Everyone Else Does

Getting off the beaten track is the new way to see the world if Instagram and Facebook, and even overheard conversations at your local cafe are anything to go by. We’re craving real experiences and intrepid adventures. But how do you really do it without putting your backside genuinely on the line?

13 Of the Best Perks of Flying Business Class

We’ve all daydreamed about what it’s really like flying Business Class, while making that slow, step-by-step shuffle through Business Class to Economy. It teases with its luxe, spacious cabins and cushy comforts – some folk already settled in and sipping on a token ‘welcome’ of bubbling champagne, ready for their Business Class flight.

5 Reasons To Explore Beyond Christchurch

As a major gateway to the South Island, Christchurch airport has daily flights direct from all major Australian hubs. While the city is emerging as a powerhouse centre for the arts and culinary creativity, it still attracts a crowd itching to explore the great outdoors. Here are five destinations beyond the city limits worth adding to your Christchurch holiday itinerary.

Down To Business In San Francisco

The Bay Area has long been a hot bed for tech and business development, with no signs of slowing down. Yet the area is so large, it’s hard to know where to land when you’re in town on business. Here’s a roundup of where to stay, eat and play. First up you need to find out where your meetings will be located.


Vicki Jane Fletcher

Vicki is a journalist, copywriter and photographer. She is a driven Taurus, obsessed with colours and dreams of one day restoring a chateau in France. She will write you a love letter if you ask.

Vicki began her travel blog L'esprit de l'escalier four years ago while studying at university in Paris. After using the blog as a way of travelling around Europe and Asia, documenting her adventures for Rail Europe, Vodkatrain and Fairfax newspapers in Australia, she returned to Australia to continue her career in journalism and photography.

As a journalist she specialises in travel writing, music journalism, feature writing and blogging.

Her copy- and ghost-writing expertise includes website content, advertorials, blogging, ebooks and marketing collateral. She has worked on content for travel companies, health brands and professionals, retail brands, design studios, lawyers, real estate agencies, property developers and corporate companies as well as musicians, artists and other creatives.

Vicki's photography spans travel, architecture, interiors, lifestyle, live music, events and portraiture. She is one half of Best Day Ever Wedding Photography.

Her work has been published by Fairfax Media, Amnesty International,, Mamamia, Broadsheet, Rail Europe, Vodkatrain, Flight Centre Australia, Collective Hub Magazine, Backyard Opera Magazine, CrowdInk and YOKE Magazine. Corporate clients include Toast Creative, Sekisui House Australia, Konnect Digital, Canberra Chiropractic, Sydney Physio, King Content and Amnesty International.



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